Friday, December 24, 2010

Info about my vinyasa yoga classes and prenatal yoga classes

With Yoga, we turn our focus inward, listening to our bodies, relaxing into our breath and giving our attention to the present moment.
Yoga offers significant benefits to our physical, emotional and cognitive health. These include, but are not limited to; stronger muscles, increased flexibility, natural weight loss, reduced stress, increase in focus and strengthened immune system.
I practice and teach from a Vinyasa style of yoga, which involves linking several poses together, to increase strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and body awareness. I focus on smooth transitions between poses, to create a fluid, relaxing and safe experience for each class participant.
Prenatal Yoga
Pregnancy brings many changes; both physically and emotionally.  Prenatal yoga can help you transition through these changes with joy and ease.
In my prenatal classes, the goal is to support women in having healthy and happy pregnancies, while forming an everlasting bond with your baby. I focus on providing safe practice for both baby and mom.
Prenatal yoga can increase your vitality, reduce stress levels, improve posture, and strengthen muscles and ligaments, as you advance in your pregnancy.
Prenatal yoga allows you to be more self-aware and experience your pregnancy, with the changes that naturally occur. This helps mothers to be in tune with their child and feel close to their growing baby, long before he or she is born.

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